20 in 20: A Few of My Favorite Things – Beach

When I said I was leaving the east coast shores for the landlocked mountains, I got a lot of responses that went like this: “But you love the beach!  You know there isn’t a beach in Colorado, right?”  To which I said, “Yes, and I do love the beach, but I am feeling a pull toward the mountains, and I have to explore that…”

Inside, I can tell you that breaking up with the ocean was a loooooong, drawn out process that took almost three full years to complete.  It was one element keeping me from diving into this other life.  But at one point over this past year I realized just how little time I spent at the beach last summer. I remembered the summer before, and how I rode my bike there 3-4 times a week, just to get grounded in the energy of the earth, and soak up the healing properties of the atmosphere.  But that’s just it – I was there to heal the year before.  Heal from the whirlwind of changes in my physical world, emotional world, and spiritual world.

Last summer, I no longer needed the beach in the same way.  I was healed from all of the past hurts and transitions.  But that didn’t mean I loved it any less.  It just was a different relationship; a much less co-dependent relationship.  And I realized that living away from the beach didn’t mean leaving it altogether.  It just meant that our visits would be more special when we came together again.

I will certainly miss all of the late nights on the water, just listening to the waves crash on the shore, and seeing the painted skies when the sun kisses the horizon.  I will miss family beach days.  I will miss sand showing up for months after beach season is over, because that stuff gets EVERYWHERE!  I will miss knowing the beach is just a bike ride or a car ride away.  And I will miss coastal living.  But I’m so thankful and grateful that I chose to spend the last few years in this special place, and I have truly taken advantage of the beauty and serenity I’ve had in my backyard.

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