20 in 20: A Few of My Favorite Things – Friends

It’s not every day that you come across friends who are more like family than they are anything else. For years I had more acquaintances than friends, and didn’t always understand the inner workings of friendships as they were something I couldn’t always manage appropriately.

I chose people who were untrustworthy, selfish, and dishonest, and I never felt comfortable enough opening up to them without fear of getting hurt.  And hurt I did.

Eventually I developed an unhealthy pattern of sabotaging every relationship that I deemed “too close” by leaving them before they left me.  I was wounded, and each time I entered a new friendship I’d reopen those cuts, deep as they were, and bleed until the relationship was tarnished beyond repair.

And it went on, and on, and on.

But I got sick of bleeding for no reason, and wanted the wounds to heal.  Turns out I didn’t have to look too far for respite.  The friends I made in the midst of my self-sabotaging, actually ended up being some pretty amazing friends who fought to stay in my life, even during my darkest times.  They didn’t leave when I opened my old emotional injuries.  They didn’t judge my obvious pattern of self-destruction. They supported me, helped me work through problems and old patterns, and loved me through all of my major transitions.  It was then that I knew I couldn’t live without these SoulSisters.

Now, during one of my biggest life transitions, these Sisters have done everything in their power to make sure I have all of the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual support necessary to make the move a smooth one.  They helped me pack, they have been my sounding board when I wasn’t sure in which direction I should travel with work, they have eased my fears about all of the unknowns, and most importantly, they remind me every day that no matter where I am in the world, we will always be together, because friendships like these have no boundaries.  It was New England that brought all of us together, and it is our love and trust that will keep us connected for our lifetimes and beyond.

They are my favorite things…

(Missing from the pictures are V and Dori, who are most amazing friends, without whom I could not survive!)

IMG_0475 IMG_0560 IMG_0698 IMG_1626 IMG_1725 IMG_1882 IMG_2378 IMG_2531 IMG_3730 IMG_3894 IMG_4726 IMG_5758 CIMG6218 CIMG6433 CIMG7093 CIMG7208 CIMG7305 CIMG7522 CIMG7755 CIMG7758

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