20 in 20: A Few of My Favorite Things – Writing

This winter was ROUGH!  It was record-breaking snow, and in a short amount of time.  I was housebound for many weekends and weekdays alone, and so any chance I could get out of my apartment, I took.

On many of those days I found myself attempting to fight through the mounds of snow, my warm weather Prius bumping and thumping over unplowed snowy streets just to find sanity in the outside world.  When the Prius and I were able to break the weather barriers and find our way to downtown Newburyport, we’d make our way to my favorite coffee shop, Atomic Café, and I’d write or do work.

This was a special treat because I got to get out of the house, be around actual human beings, drink delightful coffee/tea/hot chocolate, socialize, and do some great writing.  Sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery to pump out a few good hours of writing, and so, in the midst of this brutally cold, tundra-like winter, I cozied up to the hipster staff, hot mugs, and some rather interesting locals.

This particular winter, I focused a lot on getting my resume together, searching for potential jobs, and refining my thoughts about moving to Colorado.  Just being out of my apartment ushered an energetic shift that allowed me to flow with new ideas, think outside the box, and reach beyond my underpinnings as a teacher.  Being at Atomic Café for a couple of hours during the week saved my sanity, made me forget about the winter wonderland outside, and helped me move some serious energy toward my next endeavor.

I’m certainly going to miss the cozy atmosphere here in the Port, and especially at Atomic, but I am confident that I’ll find a place out in Colorado that I can write, where my computer and I will feel right at home…

The place I can rest my computer

The place my computer and I can rest easily

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