20 in 20: What I’ve Seen – Sunsets

I would go so far as to say that I’m slightly obsessed with the whole sunset phenomena.  Besides it being my favorite time of day, I love the energy the sunsets provide us, letting us know that the day has come to a beautiful end, and that it is time to relax, enjoy, and decompress from the day’s work.  And living in Newburyport, it’s practically impossible to not find yourself mesmerized by the world turning itself into night, as the sky turns technicolor.

Sometimes I pretend that the universe is providing for me, a gift with a giant, vibrant bow tacked on top, proving Mother Nature’s perfection.  She bestows her essence in the dusty sky, waving a magic wand through the clouds, glittering them with the lingering sun’s diamond light.  Her radiance falls upon the earth with a gentle sweep, and I know all is well in my world.

For those few minutes every day, I pause, holding my breath as the last glimmer of light passes over the horizon.  I am part of something greater, something profound, something so intensely beautiful that words aren’t ever enough to describe the pureness of the setting world around me.

It is in these moments that I realize just how small we all are, and just how blessed we are to be breathing and walking around on such an amazing planet.

Now, I’m going to let the pictures do the rest of the talking…

IMG_0998 IMG_1132 IMG_1975 IMG_2696 IMG_3552 IMG_3565_2 IMG_3935 IMG_4035 IMG_4151 IMG_4935IMG_5531


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