A Letter to an Old Friend

Dear DSA,

It has been a long time since we last spoke or saw each other. I remember our last phone call. It was freshman year of college and I was visiting a friend on your campus. I decided to just call and say hi, and I’m so glad I did because your last words to me were, “I’m really glad you called.” And so was I, because even though we went to neighboring colleges, we never ran into each other and had our last moments in person. I guess it is all for the better, but to have that phone call was some sort of divine moment, especially knowing what the next few months would bring.

I know you and most of our friends denied any recollection of this game, but I know when we were in second grade, we made up a game called “Record Player Killer”. Seriously, I couldn’t make that name up if I tried. Only the mind of an 8 year old would have the sense to call a game something as ridiculous as that, so you know I couldn’t have fabricated this story! One of our friends would spin around in a circle like a record player, sing a dumb song and then once the song was over, they would chase the rest of us and catch us. That’s the year we became friends… on the playground, under the premise of a potentially murderous record player.

And we were friends for a long time.

At times more than friends. You were one of the most important men who transformed my foundation for relationships. You always seemed to have a way with making me laugh. You sat behind me in one of our classes in 8th grade, and you used to try to get me to play out Pinky and the Brain from the Anamaniacs cartoon. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, as I had never before seen the cartoon. But you would get me to say, “What are we going to do today Brain?” and you would respond, in a devious voice, “What we do everyday Pinky! Try to take over the world!”

Once I finally got a hold of the cartoon and saw just who Pinky was, I couldn’t help but laugh as just how ridiculous it was, and that you got me to agree to be the dumb one! I am pretty sure I argued with you to let me be Brain, but you wouldn’t let it go. I had to be Pinky! But you still chose me as your sidekick, regardless. I eventually, and willingly, accepted.

Yet for many years after our relationship, I found myself still replaying pieces of our time together, discovering more and more of what I wanted out of a partner and how your role in my life was vital in understanding myself even more as a girlfriend and friend. I don’t think you ever knew just how important our experience together was, but I hope you do now.

You have had a significant impact on my life. There were so many moments when I was feeling sad or upset about something, and I’d think to how you would have handled it, and I would change my tune. It wasn’t always easy or immediate, but you were in the back of my head with your easy disposition and simple reasoning. You never seemed to get rocked by anything, at least not the point I can get rocked, and I knew that I needed to embrace that light inside more than ever.

Despite the fact that the few years before you transitioned to the next realm, we didn’t have much communication besides that one phone call that remains in my memory, you always held a special place in my heart.

You brought into this world pure happiness, light and laugher. You were my teacher, my friend, and I thank you for the many lessons I learned from you, and continue to learn as I grow and expand my awareness in this world.

With all of my love,
Jaime (aka: Pinky)

Some of us carry the light, and some of us live on in each other’s light.

Thank you for being my friend

Thank you for being my friend

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