A Love Letter

Recently I wrote myself a love letter as a response to a request for a friend’s blog about love. At first when he asked me to contribute, I was stuck on what exactly to say, and so I wrote a few drafts of posts that just didn’t feel right. Then one day, I was feeling like I needed a bit of a boost, and so came the letter.

We often are our own worst enemies and are the first to tell ourselves that we are wrong, make poor choices, do things that are less than acceptable, and aren’t worthy of love. But since today is Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be a good idea to repost this so that those feelings we tell ourselves get a little kick in the tush from love.

As you read, remember that you have to love yourself first before someone else can love you. And just maybe today you write yourself that love letter instead of sending it to someone else.


Dear Jaime,

By the time you read this letter, I hope that you are at a point in life to fully understand just how beautiful of a soul you are. You are radiant from the inside, and it shows on the outside. People of all ages and from all walks of life are attracted to your energy and to your spirit. I know you don’t always see it as such, but trust me, even those who rocked your world needed the glow from your soul to heal theirs.

I know that the past three years have been evolutionary in terms of your spiritual and emotional growth. You have learned so much about life, friendships, relationships, yourself, and most importantly, about love. But I know that the road had many twists and turns, and you often felt abandoned on the long stretches of pavement where maybe you walked alone for periods of time.

I don’t blame you for feeling that way. You’ve lost so many people – some of whom transitioned from this world to the next, some who decided to move on in their lives without you, and some who you decided to walk away from, knowing that the path you walked along was not the same as theirs. Each time someone was removed, you felt a piece of your heart go with them. I can’t say that you ever stopped loving or missing any of those people, because you are someone who loves fiercely, but I can tell you that every step you took without those people made you a little stronger, even if it didn’t look like it or feel like it at the time.

Since that moment in Africa when your soul broke open, and you, for the first time allowed pure love into your heart, you have questioned your life’s journey. But that was to be expected, because in that moment you found something you never had before – love for yourself. And trust me when I tell you that it was the single most important moment of your entire time on this planet. There is no doubt in my mind that you were destined to reevaluate and realign all of the pieces in your world so that they matched what true self-love looks like.

Do you remember your world before you discovered self-love? Do you remember all of the pain and hurt you endured, even though you didn’t have to? Do you recall the times when you felt that leaving this planet was what you wanted and thought others wanted as well? Do you remember waking up every morning wondering why you were here and what you were doing with life?

And doesn’t it now feel like that life belonged to someone else? It should. Because that was someone else. That’s not the person you are today – not even close. You didn’t love yourself then, but you do now, and because of that, so much has changed.

I am proud of all that you have done since your self-love awakening. You have truly worked hard at being an inspiration to so many people – young and old – and you bring such joy into each day. I see that light inside of you only getting brighter, and you are more certain of yourself now than you ever were before. I love to see your growth, and you have embraced such a zest for life that it’s nearly impossible to not be affected by your light.

Because you found love for yourself, you took an incredible leap of faith this year and moved your life to a place where you felt called to be. Colorado is such a nurturing place, a holy place, a sanctuary of self-devotion and openness that the perpetuation of your self-love can only grow stronger. And it has, and it will continue to do so. I know this to be true, along with all of the other truths you hoped would accompany you in this new phase of life.

You now honor yourself above all else, and you honor those in your life for their greater purpose on this planet without judgement. You do so from a place of pure love, and that is what has called in all of the beautiful souls you consider family. Your relationships overflow with profound respect, honesty, joy, and love, and you have never been happier. It’s hard to believe that just over three years ago, you didn’t know that loving yourself was even an option, never mind a necessity!

I can’t wait to see where this all leads you, because I know you are living your purpose and your dream, and there is no better way to love yourself than to do both!

I cherish you, I honor you and I love you.

 Your future self

Love Yourself

Love Yourself

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