Back to Basics – Root Chakra

Grounding in home, health, livelihood, and significant relationships

Root. Base. Safety. Security. Support.

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All elements of the root chakra, also known in Sanskrit as muladhara, are about the basics of our journey on this planet. The elements we need to function in human form to keep us grounded, and when we don’t feel safe or secure, our emotional composition is compromised.How often have we compromised our emotions for others? I have, and for so many years, It wasn’t until recently that I really started saying ‘no’ to people and their requests, especially if my intuition told me that saying no was the right thing to do. I didn’t always listen, and so my home, my health, my livelihood, and my significant relationships suffered.

Now that I’m spending significant time on getting back to basics, these areas of my root chakra are getting some extra love and attention, and our yoga class last night was dedicated to strengthening, awakening and balancing the root chakra.

When I decided to attend this specific class, it wasn’t listed as a chakra class, but since the Universe is supporting this journey I’m on right now, I knew that this was no sort of coincidence, especially because the instructor was filling in for the regular teacher.

I knew I came to the right place.

In her introduction speech, the instructor identified the four areas in our lives that are affected if the root chakra is out of balance: our home, our health, our livelihood, and our significant relationships. I took those words and absorbed them as we moved through each pose and though deeply about the past and the present and how I wouldn’t have even recognized those areas of my life years ago from where I stand today.

And that’s a good thing.

Because so long ago, I didn’t feel safe. I didn’t feel secure. I didn’t feel support.

My root chakra wasn’t only out of balance, I think it was sluggish and barely functioning, and I can honestly say it showed up in all four of those areas of life. I was financially tapped out on my condo, living alone and battling bouts of depression, I was exhausted, I never truly tested the waters of my deeper passions in life or ignored them altogether, and I couldn’t get close to anyone, platonic, romantic, familial, for fear of being abandoned. I had anxiety, insomnia, used food to soothe my soul, and had many years where I felt like I was a shell of a person, whether it looked like it from the outside or not.

Those memories and emotions, painful to face during this practice, ran through me with every lunge and deep squat we practiced on the mat, and each time my hips opened a little more, I released all of those old feelings and patterns that kept me hostage in my own prison.

And with each breath in, I blessed the life I have now, because there isn’t a single thing I’m not grateful for when looking into those four areas.

My home is happy, with two roommates that are friends, confidants, and for the first time in a long time, I am seeing that I am able to live successfully with others and haven’t had any long term signs of depression. I haven’t had any real issues with my health, except for the occasional cold (160 6th graders will do that to you!). I’ve written a book and published it, and am already mentally thinking about the next one that I’d like to possibly shop out to publishers when the time comes. My relationships that I hold near and dear also hold me near and dear, and are stronger and more connected than ever.

Despite having my root chakra in balance, anything could potentially throw it off again, so I am mindful of that fact. And just like in yoga, when there is tension or pain or feelings of wanting to give up, you just need to breathe, acknowledge the symptoms, and know that once you release whatever is holding you back, your home, your health, your livelihood, and your significant relationships are there waiting for you.

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