Back to Basics – This Little Light of Mine

This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine
This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine
This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine
Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine

Voices rang out from the crowd, peaceful march songs, uniting all of us as one bright light that shined from coast to coast. Every major city, even the small cities, marched today to show solidarity for women’s rights. At least that’s why we initially gathered.

And while it was about women’s rights and fighting to keep our rights, we knew that we were marching for each and every one of us in this nation – even those who don’t believe we should have equal pay, or equal healthcare, or equal marriage rights, or equality simply as a human race.

Why, as a very open liberal, would I say that? Because it’s what I believe in my soul that we, as a human race, need.

There isn’t a person on this planet who is breathing the same air I breathe that doesn’t deserve to be sent light and love. It’s not up to me as to how they use it or if they use it, but I can honor even those who create discord and negativity, and I can send them my little light.

In yoga on Friday night, the mood was heavy. It was Trump’s inauguration, and our hearts and energy was low, sad, somber. Our instructor asked how we were all feeling, and very few were willing to speak up. She interpreted it and immediately told us that we would be working on backbends… in other words opening our hearts to the world.

And opening we did. We pushed through our heaviness and shone our light inside of our hearts through the darkness. We lifted our hearts to the sky. We lifted our hearts to the east. We lifted our hearts to the west. We lifted to the north, and again to the south.

We lifted our light to shine beyond the solemn walls we felt were being built around us. And our energy united each one of us together to stand tall and shine.

Shine our lights.

The energy at the march was so unique in that way that we could feel the light shining all around us. It was not a demonstration for just women’s rights. It was a demonstration for people’s rights and for the belief in humanity.

And we weren’t the only one’s marching here in America. There were organized marches around the world (click the hyperlink to see some truly astounding pictures) that shined their lights in solidarity with the United States. On every continent, Antarctica included, there were demonstrations of support for this light. People couldn’t help but shine today.

I’m proud to stand with my fellow Americans and share in this experience, because we are strong, and we are together, and we are ready.

Photo credit: CNN

Women’s March, Denver Photo credit: CNN

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