Back to Basics – Who Am I?

Moving toward center

By Friday night, I’m usually exhausted from the energy of the week. Even though I felt like I wanted to just go home and crash last night, I knew that going to yoga would be grounding, and if I didn’t go I’d be very quickly giving up on myself.

I couldn’t do that another time.

And again, as a sign from the Universe on this new journey, it was the most perfect class I could have attended, for we focused on the major question of “Who Am I?” Some days we don’t know who we are, and some days we do.

In this new space I’m creating in my life, I know finding out more of of who I am will likely shift what my life looks like in a year from now, especially if I continue to follow the guidance of looking for who I am by moving toward center.

By this, it means who I am, who you are, can be truly found by looking inward, ignoring all of the social media and false stories we, and others, see and create to “prove” something to the world, but rather decide for ourselves what makes us who we are.

While we shifted and changed through class, I found myself trying to come up with who I am by looking inward, and really trying to maneuver around those fabricated truths to which our society has adapted and become addicted.

Here’s what I came up with:
1.   I am a daughter
2.   I am a sister
3.   I am a friend
4.   I am a SoulSister
5.   I am an intuitive
6.   I am a spiritual being
7.   I am a yogini
8.   I am a lover
9.   I am a dancer
10. I am a teacher
11. I am a healer
12. I am wild
13. I am sensitive
14. I am a free spirit
15. I am a Cancer
16. I am Generation X
17. I am an old soul
18. I am a believer in chivalry
19. I am a believer in heart
20. I am a meditator
21. I am a singer
22. I am old-fashioned
23. I am a lover of all things Boston
24. I am a lover of all things Colorado
25. I am a volunteer
26. I am emotional
27. I am funny
28. I am type A with work
29. I am a writer
30. I am a perfectionist
31. I am aware
32. I am open
33. I am understanding
34. I am able to say no
35. I am able to say yes
36. I am spontaneous
37. I am willing to get close to my soul group
38. I am loyal
39. I am energetic
40. I am unpredictable
41. I am a traveler
42. I am an explorer
43. I am centered
44. I am grounded
45. I am willing to change and make changes
46. I am not afraid of what’s next
47. I am ready for what’s next
48. I am an extrovert
49. I am an introvert
50. I am sometimes somewhere in between
51. I am a neat-freak
52. I am not attached to most of my personal possessions
53. I am a dreamer
54. I am a realist
55. I am a hard worker
56. I am lazy
57. I am a reader
58. I am intelligent
59. I am a lover of the ocean
60. I am a lover of the mountains
61. I am a lover of water
62. I am a lover of summer
63. I am a lover of sailing
64. I am active
65. I am a bike rider
66. I am a hiker
67. I am a peaceful warrior
68. I am anxious
69. I am whimsical

70. I am more than I ever thought I was

71. I am more than I ever thought I could be

I am me.

Who I Am

Photo credit: Erin Hebert

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