Change Direction

Last year was easily one of the most transformational years of my life. I was at the edge of leaving my career, moving across country, reconciling deep-seated generational patterns, learning to implement boundaries, and attempting to salvage any sort of energy I had left in order just to make it through the day.

During this time I sought spiritual council, as I often do, to ground and center myself. I asked the Universe for some guidance and direction as to what I should do next with my professional life, and the messages were clear, although I had zero idea how each of them were going to come to fruition.

The first piece of information I received was to “Change Direction”. I believe I have mentioned it before that I have heard words spoken to me as if someone is directly verbalizing the statements. It’s what brought me to Colorado in the first place, so when I hear the words, I listen and follow. Although this time it wasn’t so clear as to which direction I should be going.

I asked for clarification one night before bed, and I got a glimpse through a dream, which is another way I receive messages. This one was interesting. I was discussing with one of my dearest SoulSisters, Danielle, about the memoir I plan to write, and she and I were trying to work out some of the details of a specific chapter.

I woke up thinking to myself, “I’m supposed to be writing? How on EARTH is that going to happen?” I maybe questioned too hard on this one because my thoughts were that to transition to a career in writing should and would take time.

I let that one go.

Time passed and I still wasn’t sure what to do. I had been a teacher for so long, but on so many levels, I was depleted of my energies and desire to continue on in the same way I had been traveling for over a decade.

Change Direction

There it was again… I kept getting this message. Of course I would love to write as part of my profession, but I had no idea how to change direction in this way or where to even begin. For all you know, I have only been a blogger, and haven’t had the focus to really go beyond that place since I was in college.

I couldn’t make sense of it all, so I let it go.

A few months later, I asked for guidance before bed as to this whole “changing direction” bit. And again, I received another nugget of the puzzle. I was with a gentleman, roughly in his early 40s and we were discussing a business website that had a blog component – a component that I was in charge of managing, designing and writing.

I woke up again and yelled: Universe! What’s with all of the writing dreams?! How is this going to even happen?!

I told Danielle about these dreams knowing I have to share them with someone who will be there when they all make sense, if they all make sense.

This spurred me to look beyond the day-to-day type jobs, and I started researching writing-related articles, blogs, jobs, ideas, nuggets. Anything that might lead to another part of this crazy puzzle.

Along the way, I found a website called The Write Life and signed up for their newsletters. This was definitely what Danielle would call a “breadcrumb” – a piece of something that leads us to our path. If nothing else, this was going to show me some great ways to start getting my writing out there, at the very least.

Turns out, it ended up being a LOT more. My “change direction” was starting to manifest, and the dreams were slowly going to fall into place…

The Write Life was promoting a free writing summit in the early part of July, all online, and included interviews with so many different authors who were finding their way and carving their path in the literary world. This was presented by this guy, Chandler Bolt, who is a co-founder for Self-Publishing School.

I signed up for the summit, watched all of the interviews, and fell in love with what I was seeing. By the end of July, I signed up for Self-Publishing School so that I could write the book for teachers that was in me for about a year at that point. As you all know, it has been published, and it was the first time I realized I could change direction and call myself: author.

Maybe these dreams weren’t so far off base…

Well it gets better. I told Chandler back in August that I was going to be a coach for the school. Each student gets a coach that works with them through the duration of their writing, and I knew it was something I was drawn to, maybe even being called to do, and in that moment, I was clear. He laughed a little and told me I had to be successful first.


Fast forward to December. The school is growing exponentially, and guess what? They were hiring new coaches! I knew this was my time to take a chance and see what could come of it.

I got through each and every round of interviews, and quickly made my way to the last one where I got to Skype with Chandler once again. I knew this was the moment I was so certain about four months prior, and that last piece was there at my fingertips.

The interview went well, because I was hired as one of two new full-time coaches! I think I’m still in a little bit of shock because this is just part of what the “change direction” was all about. It also makes some sense with the writing dreams because as a coach, I’m also expected to continue writing (woo hoo!), and trust me, I have at least 4 more books I need to pop out.

So begins the new life of writing, teaching, exploring, expanding, learning, discovering, and changing direction.

I can’t wait to see what’s next…


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