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Believe it or not, I’ve totally kept up with the Gratitude Journal, and have been writing in it every day! It has challenged me to look at my inner and outer self and the people I’ve called into my experience and has allowed me to be grateful and thankful, even on the darker days.

Luckily there are very few dark days at this juncture in my life!

However, when those days do pop up, and they do, I have come to see that my friendships are what keep me in the light.

There was this one day recently where I was feeling a bit edgy, and was a bit peeved at something someone said to me. So I decided to call Danielle and just vent! F-bombs dropped like snow on a mountain top as I spewed my tale of aggression to her. She listened, and then came back at me with her best Boston attitude and continued to drop F-bombs just as liberally as I did!

I laughed because usually she has some sort of calm yogic response to my heavy intensity, but not that day! No, she gave me exactly what I needed – an equally intense response, littered with Bostonian attitude, and proof that what I was feeling was barely justified with a whole lot of ridiculousness. And she met me exactly where I was that day just to prove the point.

Not only did I hear what she had to say, but I couldn’t stop laughing through the retort because all I could see in my head as she talked was her wagging her finger in the air, head bopping side to side with that East Coast mentality of “Who do you think you are?”

And with that, my F-bombs ceased fire, my eyes cried tears of laughter, and my soul was filled with joy. I was beside myself with pure gratitude that I had a friend who not only got me from the outside, but got me from the inside, and could make me laugh to the point where my original reason for calling no longer existed.

There are times when we know that the people around us have chosen their soul journeys with us for so many reasons, and with Danielle and I, we are truly partners in this lifetime. I don’t have too many people who can point out my ridiculousness and have me laugh instead of get defensive, and I don’t have many people who stand by my side and help me work through the darker times, and are just as supportive¬†in the easy times. We continue to choose each other¬†every day, and our lives are so much better because of it.

For that, I am truly grateful.

SoulSisters soothe one another!

SoulSisters soothe one another!

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