Gratitude Journal


I told you that I’d be keeping a gratitude journal this year, and I’ve stuck to it! 26 days into the new year and I’m killing it with gratitude, for sure!

I have really taken one to three major events or feelings from each day and delved into my deep sense of thankfulness for all that surrounds me, and today I wanted to share one of those days of gratitude with you!

The other day I wrote about leggings. Yes, you read that correctly: leggings. I’m eternally grateful for them, and me and my journal both know it, and now so do you!

You are probably shaking your head, but I’m okay with that. In fact, I think it’s probably a good thing that you do, but I’m going to explain why leggings made it to my gratitude journal.

For one, they are SO comfortable! Seriously, it’s like wearing yoga pants all day in public, but is totally acceptable, reasonable and fashionable! Although I will never give up my yoga pants, I have traded them in for leggings when getting dressed up and gracing the public!

Leggings vs Yoga pants

Secondly, no matter how much “extra skin” I acquire, they will ALWAYS FIT! Oh the stretchy feeling of cotton and 5% spandex on my winter weight never felt so good! And when you get home from a long day of whatever it is you do, you don’t even have to change into sweats because your body is being HUGGED by these delightful treats! Judging by the frequency of exclamation points in this paragraph, I’d say that this clearly delights me, and it should delight you too!!

#3: Boots. My calves are super muscular, and I have enough difficulty finding skinny jeans to fit and look good, never mind trying to shove denim AND my leg into a knee-high boot! But that problem doesn’t exist with LEGGINGS! Nope! I can squeeze my lower extremity and all of its glory into any and all boots!

I pretty much pose like this all of the time in my boots and leggings.

I pretty much pose like this all of the time in my boots and leggings.

And lastly, leggings remind me of the 1980s when life was easy. I had so many pairs of leggings and in all sorts of colors back then! Even men wore them (okay, well maybe just hair band men, but still!) I just wished they had never gone out of style! Although I am grateful that they are back, I assume that the days of neon legs are likely over. However, the comfort is still the same, so I’m a happy girl!



So there it is! My January gratitude journal entry! I hope you are all keeping your journals handy and making this the most grateful year you’ve ever had!

Happy leggings wearing!

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