Licking My Plate Clean

White vinegar and baking soda are the answers to life.  I’m not kidding.  As far as household cleaning goes, I feel that they both are miracle cleaners without the harmful toxins, and I’ve been using them for years to clean everything from scouring the tub to polishing and disinfecting every surface touched by the human body.  And I know I’m not harming my insides by using these effective, and incredibly inexpensive products.  Bonus for my organs AND my wallet!

Since the inception of my all natural deodorant in the post No Sweat, I have journeyed into the world of natural cleaners in ways I never have before.  Between Pinterest and my green friends, I have found unlimited resources involving happy and healthy ways to detoxify the chemical world around us.

This time I’ve dedicated myself to exploring a happily detoxified dishwasher.

It all started when my friend posted that she was going to make her own dishwasher pods. Immediately I was drawn to the idea.  One more way to clean up my life?  I’m on board!  I wasted no time in getting the recipe, and made sure I had all of the ingredients for when I ran out of my name brand pods.

Earlier this week, I finally got to delve into the kitchen with my bad self and work some detoxing magic! Although I made the pods in the beginning of the week, I wanted to wait until I was able to use one so that I could report back to you the effects of the product.  Not only was I impressed with how easy the process was, I was simply mesmerized with the sparkling clarity of my dishes after their first detox bath.

The ingredients:

The ingredients

Simple ingredients

One cup of Washing Soda (cleans)
One cup of Baking Soda (degreases)
Three packages of unsweetened powered lemonade (smells yummy and lemon is an antibacterial agent)
One cup Kosher Salt
One cup water

I was able to pick up all of my ingredients at Walmart, but I’m sure most supermarkets carry all of the products.

The process:

Put all of the ingredients together in a bowl EXCEPT the water.

The powder

Then once the ingredients are combined, slowly add your water and watch the magic begin!

The chemical reaction begins!

The chemical reaction begins!

Bubble, bubble, bubble, fizz, fizz, fizz…

Bubble bubble fizz fizz

I stirred the mixture so that the water combined with all parts of the powder.  While doing so, I enjoyed the intoxicating aromatic lemon scent.

The last phase is forming the pods.  You want two clean ice trays for this (sans ice, please), and make sure you don’t fill them to the top.  I did, and my pods are slightly larger than I had hoped, but now I know!  The mixture should fill both ice trays fully, so you can see where I came up a little short by over-filling the first tray.

ice tray

You are supposed to leave them out (no need for refrigeration) long enough so that the pods harden.  I’ve read that you should leave them for 24 hours, but mine were done by the next morning when I got up.



Everything used in this recipe is natural and safe for your body.  I love knowing that if I really wanted to lick my plate clean, I would not only get the last delightful morsels of my meal, but there wouldn’t be any harmful residue from dishwashing detergent used to clean the plate.

I’m really loving this new phase of my version, my detoxified life!

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