I love Harry Potter. It is not a secret, nor am I ashamed of it, but when I would read the books I would become so engrained in the storyline and I’d fall, instantly, under the spell of Harry, Ron and Hermione. I found myself a little more enchanted with the characters and the magical essence of each tale, praying that I could one day be a muggle!

But when the book was over and I had to return to my reality where there wasn’t any magic, I would be disappointed. Any time I read the books – whether it was the first time, the second time, or the inevitable third time – I always hesitated before the end, because I knew once it was over, it was over. Saddened by the fact that my only magical wand was a beaten up old pencil without an eraser, I would morosely put the book back on the shelf until Harry and I met again.

The real world was never magical enough for me… Until I first visited, and eventually moved to Colorado. The magic that I once felt reading the Harry Potter series has reignited, and this time, it is real-life. No wizards or witches; no magic potions; no dark lord. But still enchanted.

There have been few days where life has felt “normal”, and some days it is like I stepped into a book that was written so perfectly, with so many mystical connections, that I couldn’t have made it up if I tried. The parallels with people and situations I’ve encountered, the synchronistic events, the people with whom I quickly and deeply connected – it was as if my soul knew this place even before my body did.

And that is magic.

My consciousness has opened up and is steadfastly producing greater, more soul-revealing circumstances of which I am willing to be a part of – even of the not-so-pleasant kind – because working through each level of knowingness gives me an opportunity to meet a part of myself I never knew before. Being here in this new place also means allowing the life that I knew without magic, to no longer have any bearing on what I experience and create in the here and now.

And that is magic.

Before moving here, I recognized signposts along the way that pointed me westward bound, and I had no choice but to follow. My life force pioneered a new path, yet not all of the information for why I’m here has been revealed; believing in the self and my truth has become the magic by which I live.

I have begun to learn that following a straight and narrow imprisons my soul, and I become grey and dull. The magic I’m creating in my life here keeps me open to the guidance of the moment, and I’m closely paying attention to each flick of the universal wand as I move from revelation to revelation.

I believe in something greater than the physical self, and by being here, I recognize that my intuitive capacity has reached new heights, and continues to grow and manifest into a tool I can use to continue the creation of the magic that has already started.

I’ve been learning so much more about my soul’s purpose and my soul’s journey, and have taken elements from my past’s guidance, and together have transcribed them into a new reality. That is like taking a wand and casting a spell on yourself and saying, “The time is now to make the changes you always dreamed of making…”

I know I don’t live in an actual magical land, but there is something different about me in this place; there is something exceptional about the connections I’ve made; there is something more magical about my life that I am discovering. There is something calling me to be here, and listening to the signs is when the magic starts!

I hope it never stops.

Soul Magic

Soul Magic

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